Ready to get fit The Sharks way?

Once again, The Sharks and Discovery have teamed up to bring you an exciting new outdoor fitness programme with a rugby flavour. Discovery SharkFit is a medically supervised, 12-week fitness programme, developed and run by members of The Sharks’ medical team.

At Discovery SharkFit, we are committed to motivating our members to get more active and reach their personal fitness goals. The aim of this fitness programme is to promote healthy living, fitness and a healthy lifestyle in a fun environment. Open to all age groups, participants will have the opportunity to train on the same fields as their rugby heroes at the home of the Cell C Sharks, Growthpoint KINGS PARK. The fitness programme has been designed to follow the conditioning programme that Cell C Sharks players undergo.

Choose from two tailored programmes taking place this May

The second instalment of Discovery SharkFit for this year kicks off in early May and will feature two uniquely different 12-week programmes to choose from. Interested participants can choose between a twice-a-week option and a three-times-a-week option. This is just one way in which this programme can be tailored to suit your busy schedule.

The first of these programmes will run from 9 May 2016, on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning, from 06:00 to 07:00. This programme costs only R1 000 for season tickets holders and R1 500 for non-season ticket holders.

To cater for our early risers, we have introduced new weekly sessions that will take place on a Tuesday and Thursday morning, from 05:30 to 06:30. This programme will run from 10 May 2016 and costs only R800 for season ticket holders and R1 300 for non-season ticket holders.

Earn Vitality points

Discovery Vitality members will earn 100 Vitality points for each session. Vitality points are also earned when they complete the expert pre-programme biokinetic assessments.

Join up by 29 April

Registration closes 29 April 2016. Come train like a Shark and get Discovery SharkFit now.


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This is what the people are saying about our program...

20 April 2016

Sharksfit is my ultimate happy place. The work outs are awesome and intense, every day is a "surprise" workout. I have lost 11kgs in total & gained exceptional amounts of muscle and toning within the first 4 weeks.

The results I have achieved are evident Discovery Sharksfit is amazing! I love going to Sharksift not only because I'm going to walk away dripping with sweat, strengthened muscles and friendship. So much friendship! We are a team, we workout as a team , we challenge each other as a team and most importantly motivate each other.

I have seen impressive results from so many of my team member's, I'm impressed and proud to see amazing results within our team ! What assists with the growth of everyone's results is Rogen, working with qualified biokenitcist, knowing what muscles to target, what safe areas to push a little harder.

Thank you Discovery Sharksfit, you havechanged my world- taken me away from the normal day by day Gym workouts or casual boot camps. You are something different... there aren't enough words!


20 April 2016

I was fortunate to have become acquainted with Sharksfit by a friend who I personally saw huge results in her weight loss and toning.

I have improved remarkably. Not only in my own fitness, stamina and strength but also in my sleep patterns. I am sleeping through the night which has been my problem in the past. To think; only 13 weeks ago I was heavily reliable on sleeping pills just to be able to fall asleep. Now I get my 8 hours. I have not suffered with fatigue during the day or any sort of illness during the duration of the sessions.

There is a pleasant and positive attitude in the group of participants and trainers which is a great asset of encouragement to make you want to work further and apply yourself more diligently.
Every session is different, so there is no worry of getting ‘bored’. I am hooked.

I have been extremely happy in my association with Sharksfit and I would highly recommend this programme to anyone interested in improving their overall physical and mental wellbeing.